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Allstate Interiors, Fred Soward

Allstate President Fred Soward

“Doing Good, While Doing Well”
Allstate Interiors mantra drives its philanthropic and charitable efforts
When Fred Soward, president of Allstate Interiors, received a phone call from a Liberty University professor asking for help rebuilding a local church, Soward’s immediate response was “absolutely.” The members of Poplar Springs Baptist Church had been raising money to rebuild their church building for years, finally collecting enough money to begin the renovation process—until one day, all $250,000 of their raised money was stolen, leaving the church feeling hopeless and discouraged. When Liberty University learned of their situation, they immediately called up Allstate Interiors. “When I got the phone call asking for help, the only thought that went through my mind was how quickly can we get down there to help these people?” stated Soward. Allstate Interiors donated over $5,000. worth of materials as well as the manpower to ensure the Church had everything it needed to get back on its feet again. “Their donation of time and materials was very impressive,” Jerry Falwell, Chancellor of Liberty University said.
Much like the recent project in Virginia, Allstate Interiors is helping another church based locally in Bloomingrove, NY. When the pastor of El Shaddai Christian Church reached out to Allstate Interiors asking for help, Allstate Interior’s employees were there the next day with all the equipment and materials needed to re-build and patch up their church. Fred Soward is quoted as saying “We’re thankful that organizations reach out to us asking for help, because it’s inspiring for all of us to be a part of such special projects.” All together, Allstate Interiors donated $4,000. to El Shaddai Christian Church’s restoration.