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Allstate Interiors Fred Soward Drywall

Allstate Interiors Drywall

We understand what it takes to get a finish that starts well before the first piece of drywall is installed.

Our foremen are well versed on how to do this. With over 200 million feet of sheetrock completed, we know how to get the job done.  We start off with a framing punch list where we identify possible problems before we start the project.  We know how busy the General Contractor is and how he cannot detect every minor problem the drywall installers will confront.  Before we start installing drywall we identify any problems with the framing that could make the drywall installation less than perfect These include but are not limited to:   bowed studs,  rough openings of tubs,  pipe protectors. Once any problems are discovered we notate them and pass the information along to you or the GC to address as needed.  We also use spray paint on the floor to indicate where vents and outlets will be placed so if a mistake occurs we know if the bay was there.  Upon completion of the initial phase we confirm your drawings match what is built.




Only after the client confirms that the structure is ready to hang the drywall do we begin.  Upon completion of hanging we have our lulls and laborers clean the job site and remove all debris to the dumpster, once the taping is completed we repeat the cleaning process.  Our foremen have a trained eye and the experience of having completed hundreds of projects. We thoroughly inspect the job with your foreman and the PM to make sure all are happy prior to paint but we don’t stop there.  We then come back after the trimmer and then another time for an owners punch list.  We know how to get the job done.  We also know our STC ratings and how to properly caulk and finish rated walls, critical in today’s multi-family projects.

You will see the owner of Allstate Interiors, Fred Soward, at your jobs frequently and he will be there for your job meetings just to make sure you are happy.  Know that we will treat your job with the care of knowing it must be done on time and as stress free as possible.  We want you as a return customer that is how Allstate Interiors has prospered in this business for this long.